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The network's specialized partners of DataProtect, supported by the know-how and many years of experience of the law firm Newlaw, offer you external Data Protection Officer services, specially adapted to the needs of your business. We undertake the training and information of your staff, the legal information of your customers, the provision of advice on any issue that arises regarding data processing, but also the supervision of your business, in order to ensure its compliance with the Greek and European legislation, and in particular with Regulation 679/2016.

As Data Protection Officer, the  specialized staff of DataProtect Network may provide you with the following services in order to ensure the legality of data processing carried out by your business:


We map out your database and how personal data is collected and processed.

We check the data processing tools and the observance of the protective measures required.

We provide instructions to your company's technicians regarding the clearing of the database as well as the adoption of the appropriate technical and organizational measures.

We repeat the regulatory audit annually and prepare a relevant report.

We oversee the creation and editing of the processing file.

We carry out processing impact assessment where necessary.

We are drafting an internal policy on the steps to be followed in the event of a data breach.


We draft an easy-to-read personal data protection policy, specialized for the needs of your business.

We conduct interviews with your company's staff and analyze each employee's duties separately according to the Regulation.

We take care of informing your customers and communicating with them.

We conduct audits to ensure the implementation of the necessary organizational and technical measures.

We conduct impact studies regarding the risks of possible leakage, destruction, notification, etc. of the data you hold.

We undertake the communication with the supervisory authorities for any issue that arises.


We are in a position to respond through advisory opinions to every question regarding the Greek and European legal framework of personal data protection, adapting to the particular requirements of each business.

We provide you with advice and guidance for your compliance with the Regulation's regulations, creating effective strategies and policies true to the needs and activities of your business.

We clarify the practical implications of the accountability you are subject to based on the services you provide and the volume and type of data processing you undertake.

We create a specialized and individual Regulation compliance plan specifically for your business.


We undertake to carry out training seminars for company executives and employees, in order for you to be informed about the regulations and requirements of the new Regulation.

We inform your staff about the legal collection, processing, storage and destruction of personal data, as well as about the scope of Regulation 679/2016.

We sensitize your staff and inform the Data Processors of your business about their new responsibilities and obligations based on the new Regulation.

For more information about our services, and to make an appointment with us, or an informative event or seminar at your premises, please contact us.

We will be happy to serve you!

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